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Karin Margareta
31 May
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Nösund is a sleepy village in the southwest corner of Orust, on the Swedish west coast. I don't live there, but I wish I did.

There are a few people who get mentioned in this journal now and then. Here's a quick list in case you need it:
M -- my boyfriend
M(um) -- my mother
S -- my father
D -- my brother
L -- my sister
I -- my mother-in-law
E -- my sister-in-law
A -- E's husband
T -- E's daughter
J -- E's son
A -- my singing teacher
Mips and Pentium -- the cats
(I see that I have two As, let's hope I can handle that somehow)

As for me, I am an incurable optimist, a programmer, a hobby singer and a would-be-not-hobby writer. In no particular order.

If you want to send me an email, please use the name amneris as user, and the domain almehed.net.